Multi-Submission Grant Search


Ideal for applicants who want use their proposal materials to apply for multiple grants and multiply their chance of success.

We will conduct an extensive grant search based on your proposal abstract. Money-Back Guarantee if no applicable grant is identified.

After you complete the purchase:

- You will receive an email from us in 48 hrs to request your proposal abstract

- We will execute an extensive grant research from non-public sources

- We will share our findings with you in 7 days

Let's get started and help you get win more grants!

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You will share your proposal abstract and we will send you the results of our extensive grant research

Time saved
5-10 hrs
No downside, if no grant is found
100% Money-Back Guarantee
Quick Turn-Around
7-day Turn-Around
Value of the increased grant opportunities

Multi-Submission Grant Search

I want this!